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Tony Bowles

Patient Advocate

Terpene Flash Cards:

Train Patients, Customers, Associates, and Management With Terpene Flash Cards to Create A Standardized, But Unique Experience, Higher Average Sales, Increased Retention, And Overall Bigger Bottom Line Without Having To Spend Thousands Of Dollars To Do So.

By: Tony Bowles
Whether you're a patient looking for answers, a group of friends looking for a better experience, or a dispensary owner looking for a better bottom line, Terpene Flash Cards fixes the bridge between patient advocacy and multi-million dollar establishments.  

The #1 reason why many cannabis users struggle to either find the right strain, or the right dispensary, and they can never get a handle on why it works sometimes, and other times they're left with more questions then when they began, is because they don't understand how Terpenes effect their medicine...

Terpene Flash Cards are the ultimate study guide to understanding how Terpenes interact with your medicine. This personal use guide & executive level sales training will help each user identify cannabis strains with the effect they're looking for, help group buyers find cohesiveness in their experience, and dispensary owners institute congruent messaging amongst their staff!

Your order contains 52 Terpene Flash Cards to use in choosing your cannabis medicine effectively. 

We've even added some bonuses, including:
  • SECRET #1:  An Easy Formula For Analyzing Terpene Changes In Strains You're Used To Seeing In Every Dispensary...To Make Sure You Get Consistent Experiences With Your Medicine
  • SECRET #4:  How To Be A Successful Patient By Connecting With Your Budtender & Making Smart Purchases
  • SECRET #5:  The 3-Step Process Of Turning A Bad Experience With Cannabis Into A Good One With Terpene Knowledge...Transforming Yourself Into An Educated Consumer 
  • SECRET #9:  The FOUR Questions You Can Ask Any Cannabis User To Determine Whether They're Interested In Knowing Anything More About Their Medicine Other Than If It's "Indica," or "Sativa"
  • ​SECRET #12:  How To Turn Budtending Into A Trusted Art Form That Results In Better Customer Experiences & More Revenue For The Operation
  • ​And so much more...

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Terpene Flash Cards are the ultimate training for individuals, groups, or companies who want the ultimate terpene study guide. 
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About the Author

Tony has been involved in the cannabis industry for 15+ years, a long-time patient advocate and organizer with Americans for Safe Access (ASA). He’s currently Chair of the Bay Area Safe Access chapter. He was a plaintiff in ASA’s successful lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol. As an original member of the SF ASA Chapter, Tony played a role in passing Article 37, SF's medical cannabis law.

Since returning to the Bay Area he has been involved with multiple successful cannabis operations, and political campaigns, including the passing of The Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), which was established through a series of bills passed by the California State Legislature in 2015 and 2016, as well as The Brownie Mary and Dennis Peron Act bill SB 34 in 2019, which allows cannabis to be given out as compassion. He is currently involved in legislative efforts at a local, state, and federal level to expand and strengthen patient access to cannabis.

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Born January 13th, 1977, Tony Bowles spent much of his early years in St. Petersburg, FL, eventually attending St. Petersburg College and studying liberal arts. Tony went on to receive his ASA PFC Certification in storefront operations for cannabis dispensaries, also graduating from the International Tour Management Institute. 
Tony has spent time as a cannabis activist in DC, founding the original ASA-Maryland Chapter. More recently, Tony has spent time in San Francisco, CA, as the chairman of the ASA - Bay Area Chapter. Tony spends the majority of his time curating individual cannabis experiences.


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