🌿 Unlock the power of learning with our Terpene Flashcards! πŸ“šπŸ’‘

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Primary Blog/🌿 Unlock the power of learning with our Terpene Flashcards! πŸ“šπŸ’‘

Some may ask, "Can't I just read and learn?" Well, yes and no. πŸ’­ While reading can help retain some info, studies have shown that you learn more effectively and faster with flashcards! πŸš€

Why choose flashcards? πŸ€” Because they have a proven track record of reliability! 🎯 Instead of passively absorbing information, you're actively engaging your memory for better retention. πŸ’‘

​Take your learning to the next level and try our Terpene Flashcards today! 🌟 #TerpeneEducation #Flashcards #ActiveLearning #StudySmart πŸ“–

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Hi, I Am Tony Bowles

Founder at Terpene Flashcards
Founder, ASA-Maryland Chapter
Chairman, ASA-Bay Area Chapter

Tony has spent time as a cannabis activist in DC, founding the original ASA-Maryland Chapter. More recently, Tony has spent time in San Francisco, CA, as the chairman of the ASA - Bay Area Chapter. Tony spends the majority of his time curating individual cannabis experiences.

He dedicates his life to patient advocacy and enterprise level trainings for local and national cannabis companies alike.

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